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I had one of the best experiences today (02/05/2018). I walked in to an empty lobby. 2 chairs occupied and 1 chair evidently in training. I entered my information and sat down (I chose first available). Training on not how to cut hair but about how to deliver customer service. After the back rub device? the trainer and trainee proceeded to the front. The trainer discussed how to greet a customer. Understand I was not greeted by the trainer. The trainer said lets practice how to greet a customer. The trainer said pick a name. The trainee said lets greet John (my name on the board). The trainer said no...lets use Sam. The trainer spent 10 or so minutes on the proper way to greet someone. The trainee was horrified that a customer was sitting in the lobby and the trainer didn't realize it (trainer was focused on offering drinks). The lady's who are there and have cut my hair for a long time leaned over and shrugged their shoulders. Thank you for your great Training on how not to take care of a customer. My name is John Schaaf and my phone number is 602-320-1408. I got my hair cut today just not at your shop. But thanks for the lesson on bad customer service by a trainer! Made my day! WOW! Need a new training program! I shared the story with my kids, wife and friends and we all had a good laugh!

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John S. | February 5, 2018 Service

"I had one of the best experiences today (02/05/2018). I walked in to an empty lobby. 2 chairs occupi" more